Magnet separator with electro- or permanent magnets.

Application: Used to separate magnetic metals.

Process: Based on electro-magnets or permanent magnets. Usually located above a conveyor belt. The separators are self-cleaning and extremely reliable in service.

Benefits: The electro-magnets are air-cooled directly over the hermetically sealed coils. No oil is needed to cool them, effectively eliminating the risk of oil leaks or fire in the magnet.

Customer segments: Bio-fuel production, waste management, metal recycling, glass recycling, crusher plants, process industries etc.

Product sheet

Technical specifications

Permanent overband magnet

ModellBelt widthMax operating heights
MSP 800800 mm300 – 350 mm
MSP 11001100 mm300 – 350 mm
MSP 14001400 mm300 – 350 mm
MSP 17001700 mm300 – 350 mm
MSP 20002000 mm300 – 350 mm

Electromagnetic overband

ModellBelt widthWattsWeightOperating heights
MS 500500 mm0,5 kw110 kg150 mm
MS 700700 mm1,2 kw520 kg200 mm
MS 900900 mm1,4 kw720 kg300 mm
MS 10001000 mm3,3 kw1730 kg400 mm
MS 1000S12001200 mm3,6 kw1900 kg400 mm
MS 1000S14001400 mm4,1 kw2400 kg400 mm
MS 1000S16001600 mm4,9 kw2950 kg400 mm
MS 1000S18001800 mm5,8 kw3200 kg400 mm
MS 1000S20002000 mm6,0 kw1730 kg400 mm
MS 15001500 mm6,6 kw4250 kg600 mm
MS 1500S18001800 mm7,9 kw4800 kg600 mm
MS 1500S20002000 mm8,8 kw5500 kg600 mm