Magnetic metals

We contruct equipment for handling and separating magnetic metals.

Separation of magnetic metals

When handling scrap with a lifting magnet, it is usually uninteresting how many tons it can lift. Many factors are decisive for how much you can take with you in one lift. The strength per surface, the current density, the intermittency, the design of the poles, etc.

It is important to be able to mount an overband magnet high enough to avoid material jams. For this a strong magnet is required.

We recommend air cooling instead of oil cooling, as a properly wound magnet does not need oil cooling.

The strength of a magnet cannot be calculated in kW, but depends on so many other things.

We prioritize this and much more!

We have been designing, manufacturing and repairing magnets for almost 50 years. We have seen a lot of this and know the difference between magnets and elme magnets.